It is not only necessary but also urgent to create a movie that will register this event as a document and testimony of what happened during 2018 in Argentina, the first Latin American country that rejected the law legalising abortion. The slogan “Save the two lives” created by pro-life groups opposing the law has widely spread around other Latin countries.

The “novelty” around this campaign was the protection of both child and mother, giving the slogan a powerful message. The risk involves the two lives, and it is not something to be ignored. Blue neckerchiefs have become the emblem of the anti-abortion campaign, opposing those in favour wearing a Green neckerchief. The blue neckerchief has been seen in other Latin American countries bringing many people together no matter their religious beliefs.

“Blue wave” was born in consequence of these little but powerful and meaningful drops in the shape of blue neckerchiefs that have won a battle like David and Goliath, in a field of death, overflown by ads in Green colour, opposing those who believe they can decide on who to let live and who to let die.

The movie will be related throughout the lens of Faro Films, the brilliant producer who was able to capture this and record the actions of the pro-life movement that the media would censor. Due to the will of giving a voice to those innocent lives and with the use of social network they were able to expand the message and reach further countries and communities around the world.

This producer owns every audio-visual register of the actions made by the “Blue wave” in 2018. Marches in front of the Congress and around the country, press conferences, speeches, reports on every journal and even of the International organizations behind this action taken by the government in Argentina. There are recorded interviews of national and international figures that were key in the victory achieved on August 8th such as:

1) Amalia Granata an Argentinian figure who became a congress member in order to fight for life through politics.

2) Mariano Obarrio, a well-known journalist who writes for La Nacion, one of the biggest local journals, who put his life at risk by exposing himself and being constantly harassed by feminist groups when most of his colleagues wouldn’t speak up.

Mariano Obarrio

3) Mariana Rodriguez, a housewife who has many kids of her own and has been named as “the crazy woman with the baby” after traveling around the country with a plastic fetus resembling an 8 week unborn baby, generating social-consciousness on protecting the unborn child.

Mariana Rodriguez

4) Two women, Sara Winter (Brazilian) and Amparo Medina (Ecuadorian) well-known former pro-abortion figures who are now, after convertion, against it and had since then been fighting for life becoming pro-life leaders.

Each of the people mentioned above have something in common: a strong sense to expose the truth on abortion and the drastic consequences of its practice around the world.

Argentina shook Latin America’s agenda.

This story recreated by Faro Films will be narrated by it founders Luis Piccinali and Nico Canale, that captured the most relevant moments of this historic event.

How will this movie be developed and told?

August 8th, 2018, 6 pm. The day has come when members of congress will finally decide on the abortion law in Argentina.

The atmosphere grows heavy and dense around the Congress. Luis Piccinali, a family guy gets off the subway. Stations are collapsed by a massive crowd. He carries 3 bags containing his film equipment. He’s just got out of his daily routine, his home chores and his demanding kids. His wife supports him, barely making ends meet and he is doing all this “pro bono” knowing that even if he won’t make money out of it, he is doing something with a purpose. He is recording history.

He starts walking by whilst recalling how his own life has changed when he found out he was having a child. After a few blocks he meets Nicolas Canale. They walk together talking about this social division that has separated the people under two colours: Green and blue.

A year before, in August 2017, Nicolas and Pato Dondo, both freelance film producers, taking the example of some catholic film producers, shared the idea of creating and making movies with a deeper meaning in order to spread a message and create an impact in the world. They’ve been waiting for an opportunity and it finally arrived on March

2018 when President Mauricio Macri announced unexpectedly that he was opening the debate on abortion at the Congress. Since then, all eyes were focused on the actions of the Congress and the response of society regarding this topic which become the centre of attention.

Luis, Nicolas and Pato knowing already about the pro-life march decided to start together Faro films, with a fundamental objective: recording and documenting everything they anticipated the public media would not show. This is translated into: the Blue Wave, those massive manifestations on favour of protecting the two lives.

As they started they stepped into their first difficulty: within the pro-life movement there were many divisions and opposed ideas on how to work. Many wanted to be more politically orientated, others just wanted to protest, and others wanted to appear on the media. But they all had something else in common that they were ignoring and it was the lack of information on what happens during an abortion and its physical and psychological consequences. Faro Films considered such issue as their starting point to show something no one else was doing: the truth behind abortion.

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